If you are considering installing new hardwood floors in your commercial property or home, you will be astounded by the number of choices that you will have to make. Hardwood floors come unfinished or finished. You can also choose to go with solid hardwood floors or engineered hardwood floors.

Another choice that you may not be aware of is the acrylic impregnated wood floor. Although these floors are not popular, it is because they are a new product and have not had time to establish themselves yet. However, you should not discount acrylic impregnated wood flooring.

These floors are perfect for high traffic areas in your home or office. The most important thing to understand is how these floors are colored. Rather than just applying the color to the top of the hardwood or using a veneered engineered floor, the acrylic impregnated floors are impregnated with color. This means that the color and sealant are infused through the floor planks to give them a deeper, richer color that will stand the test of time.

Engineered hardwood flooring is known for its resistance to moisture and humidity and its strength. Acrylic impregnated hardwood floors surpass these floor. In fact, it is the strongest floor around when it comes to battling humidity and moisture. Although this is a great feature, it isn’t the only thing that makes acrylic hardwood floors a great choice. These floors contain color throughout the flooring, which means if it gets scratched, it will not be noticeable. Although gouges are more difficult to hide, it can be done.

Did you know that you can turn an unfinished hardwood floor into an acrylic impregnated hardwood floor? This allows you to skip the finishing of your unfinished hardwood floors (the waxing, staining and buffing). Instead, acrylic monomers are injected into the wood cell structure. this will produce the aforementioned pigmenting effects and will make your floor even stronger.

Using this technique will minimize issues often found in hardwood floors. So, it is definitely worth considering when you are choosing a finish for your hardwood floors.

Although acrylic impregnated hardwood flooring is not as popular of a choice in residential applications as it is in commercial properties, it is still a great option. This type of floor is long-lasting and will provide you with years of beauty.

So, should you look into acrylic impregnated hardwood flooring? It depends on where you will be using the floors. If your hardwood floors will be receiving a lot of traffic, then an acrylic impregnated floor is the way to go because it will hold up to the demands and stress placed on it.

Conversely, if your home or business does not receive a lot of foot traffic, there is no reason for you to go with acrylic impregnated hardwood flooring. The cost of these floors and the technicality needed to finish these floors will take extra time. If you do not require a strong floor, then a plain prefinished floor will do the job; however, if you want a strong, long-lasting floor, opt for acrylic impregnated hardwood flooring.

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