More and more owners are now resorting to hardwood floors in their establishments. Many preferred its look and low-maintenance over carpets and these last for decades with proper care. Since these are major investments, why not entrust a professional hardwood floor installer and repairman to Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto? From installation to replacements, your hardwood floors are in good hands.

Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto commits to providing services that have good value for your hard-earned money. Whatever the type of hardwood flooring Brampton you need, our skilled technicians will bring you the best materials and top-rated services.

We serve both commercial and residential clients who need hardwood flooring services in Greater Toronto Area. Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto owns state of the art equipment and licensed technicians to fulfill your flooring needs.
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Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto is a fully licensed and insured hardwood floor installer that employs professionals qualified to do any flooring services. We conduct rigorous employee selection process that assures you receive hardwood flooring Brampton that exceeds your expectations.


Hardwood floors boost the aesthetics and value of every establishment in Greater Toronto Area. Do not gamble on DIY projects that have costly mistakes due to improperly fit floors and subpar materials. Hiring us brings you these wonderful benefits of having hardwood floors:

Quick Installation

With our experienced hardwood floor installer in Toronto, you will not have to encounter the hassle of installing hardwood floors in your home.

Low Maintenance

Hardwood does not accumulate much dirt and dust, thus, it is very easy to clean. You only need to maintain this through regular vacuum cleaning and mopping.

Sophisticated Look

Highly aesthetic and functional, our hardwood floors match any home style and even boost its overall appeal.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Believe it or not, hardwood floors last longer than most other flooring types since these can withstand heavy traffic.

Long-Term Investment

Hardwood floors increase your home’s reselling value. Properties with hardwood floors are also faster to sell.

Variety of Flooring Materials

Expect a variety of hardwood flooring Brampton types from us, from natural wood to its engineered alternative.


Because of the diversity of carpet flooring, our approach is solution-oriented. Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto will show you all the options you have and suggest what fits best for your lifestyle and design. Our carpet solutions are approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute for indoor quality air. After that, we will conduct an in-home measurement to assess and evaluate every room. We will then schedule the most suitable time for you to do the installation.
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Our skilled technicians do not only install hardwood floors. We also conduct repairs, refinishing and replacement, depending on our client’s needs. Especially in the case of replacements, you need not worry about the disposal of your old hardwood. We will take care of its safe and environmentally-friendly disposal. Whatever your hardwood flooring needs, Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto fulfills the brief.
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Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto envisions that all our clients are satisfied with our services. Our hardwood flooring Brampton does not end with successful installation. We perform quality checks to make sure we did the right job. If you sense something is amiss with what we did, call us back and we will correct the error immediately.

Hardwood Floor Repair and Refinishing FAQs

What needs to be done to prepare the floor for sanding?
The first task is to remove all the furniture and floor covering from the area of operations. Typically, the homeowners will do this, but we do offer a service in Toronto to handle the heavy lifting at $/hr. Most of the items can just be relocated to other areas of the home or garage.
Do the baseboards need to be removed?
Not usually! In most cases, they can be left on! Our team is equipped with the tools necessary to work around this problem. But, sometimes touches will be needed for a darker stained wood.
What will the end result be?
Absolutely beautiful and just like new!
Can you repair damage by water or add to existing floors?
Repair work and extensions are our specialty as a full-service Toronto hardwood flooring company. We add to existing floors and install new floors and work with insurance companies to provide restorations work as well.
Who does the work? Is it you or subcontractors?
Our company relies on a skilled employee staff that has undergone rigorous training and are all certified for this task. Our team fully understands the value of performing quality work on hard flooring. Because we hire a team of employees we have more control on the level of excellence we apply to our projects.
Is it expensive to have our floors redone?
We pride ourselves in being a very reasonably priced hardwood service company considering the quality of service we provide. Nevertheless, it is hard to provide an exact price on a project as there are simply too many variables involved. But, we do offer free estimates.
Is it worth refinishing our existing floor or should we just buy new?
The typical asking price for one of these refinishing projects is about 1/3 of the cost of a new floor. So you can still get a lot of value from the hardwood floor you have. Many of the floor we refinish are over 15 years old and were installed at half the price they would have been today. A hardwood floor is one of the few things that will steadily increase with value as it ages.
How soon can you walk on hardwood floors after refinishing?
Once the final refinishing coat is applied you can commence light to moderate foot traffic within 24 hours –– no tap dancing. It is pour recommendation that furniture is not returned to the room for a full 48 hours. Even though the floor may look completely dry it will actually take over 2 weeks for the floor to cure completely. It is best to wait out the two weeks before placing floor rugs and area mats down. Remember to apply felt pads to the furniture’s legs to avoid scratching.



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