Do you want to achieve a natural appearance in your home? Well, hardwood flooring with Hardwood floor specialists in Toronto not only improves the artistic value of your interior decor but also exposes you to a wide choice of materials and colors. The beauty in hardwood floors is long term, and will never go out of style. No matter what decade we are in, hardwood floors add a beauty touch, and the only thing that might be old-fashioned is the stain on the finish of your floor.

There are fundamentally different types of floor finishes used these days in both the manufacturing process and on-site finishing process. The major issue to bear in mind is that you are cleaning the floor finish, not the wood, so you must be aware of the type of finish that your floor has. The easiest way to do this is to consult the installer, manufacturer of your floor, or previous homeowner if applicable.

The Agents Of Destruction

  • Sand: Sand can harm the finish when dragged across the floor. Both sand and salt are jagged in shape. When they are dragged or crushed along the floor surface, it can damage the finish of the floor. These coarse particles can cause scratches on the floor and decrease the lifespan of the finish.
  • Moisture: Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs and releases moisture according to changes in the environment. A small amount of growth is to be expected in the summer months as the wood planks absorb moisture from the air, this is also known as cupping.
  • Sunlight: Wood is discolored and stained as a result of uneven exposure to UV light. Particular species are especially susceptible to this, for example, American cherry darkens over time with exposure to sunlight.

Tips On Cleaning And Protecting Hardwood Flooring

  • Leave Shoes at the door: Not only the flat shoes’ sole will scratch the floor surface with embedded sand underneath, but also high heels leave marks too. So, take off the shoes as soon as you walk into the house. Don’t step in with shoes any further than the doormat. Keep several extra pairs of slippers for your guests if need be.
  • Rearrange your furniture: Wood exposed to sun fades very slowly over time, so if your furniture and rugs stay put, it could make the flooring a bit uneven with dark and fade patches.
  • Take Care of spills and spots: Wipe off the liquids immediately otherwise it will soak into the wood and make it rise and ruin your perfect floors just at one annoying spot. Use a slightly wet soft rig so that they don’t leave a mark or make the wood smell weird.
  • Avoid the wrong cleaner for your type of finish; Please refrain from using harsh chemicals for the wrong finish. For example with polyurethaned and prefinished hardwood, we recommend Ammonia free Windex. But for oiled floors follow manufacturers prescription.
  • Use a Carpet: Frequently visited areas like hallways or the kitchen are more likely to show depreciation no matter what type of flooring your apartment has. For hardwood floor care, consider using area rugs in the spots where you spend the most time standing or walking.

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