Ever since wood floors started becoming popular, around the 17-18th centuries, people have strived to make them easier to install and more polished and comfortable. However, up until mass production of hardwood floors, around 1850, they all needed some form of finishing touches after installation.

Around the late 19th century, however, prefinished floors started breaking into the market and they were deemed as the next best thing.

Unfinished hardwood floor looked doomed around that time, but despite that, it held strong and nowadays, the battle for supremacy between unfinished and prefinished hardwood floors is still on.

Pre Finished Hardwood

The main advantage of prefinished hardwood floors, over unfinished ones, should be pretty obvious: comfort and speed.

It’s a lot faster and more comfortable to simply stick the prefinished floors together and end up with a solid floor at the end of the day, rather than install the unfinished ones over the same amount of time, then spend twice as that on sanding and finishing it.

Besides, installing the floor, be it prefinished or not is not that difficult, but when it comes to sanding and buffing, it’s not that easy anymore.

Basically, for homeowners, prefinished hardwood flooring is the more reasonable choice, since you won’t really feel the advantages of unfinished (more stability) but you’ll feel the disadvantages of it quite hard (installation time and energy spent).

Unless you’re really forced to use unfinished hardwood in your home (due to having to change just a single room’s floors and not finding the right prefinished hardwood floors to match), or you’re really bent on getting ultimate comfort (which, again, is hardly noticeable in a household when comparing prefinished hardwood floors to unfinished ones) there’s no other choice but prefinished.

Also, installing prefinished hardwood floors is a lot more newbie friendly, in that it doesn’t even take experience in DIY to do it.

Unfinished hardwood flooring requires a lot of tools and it’s a more precise process that not everyone can go through. This makes them scare off newcomers to the hardwood floor installation field.

In terms of maintenance, pre-finished hardwood floors have a somewhat shorter lifespan, due to the lack of sanding. Still, they can be easily refinished, getting their polish and pigment back up in no time (well in SOME time, because it takes a few full days for refinishing).

All in all, pre-finished hardwood flooring is a great choice and it is usually the more comfortable, cheaper way to go when fixing your house with a new floor. If you’re more into stability, the lengthy lifespan of floors and customization, you’re better off with unfinished ones.

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