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Our specialists install the best designed prefinished solid hardwood floors in all areas around Toronto. Of course, Solid Hardwood Flooring has a traditional appearance and décor to it, and its perceived value never fades away.


Engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for your flooring and at Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto, our specialist’s design it mainly to minimize any chance of expansion and contraction when there is a change in relative humidity and temperature.


Laminate Flooring is widely used in Toronto for its durability and the money-saving advantage the hardwood floor pattern offers. It has a surface made up of an ultra-durable aluminum oxide overlay that is a perfect resistance to stains and scratches.


Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto specializes in exotic wood species flooring, repairs and refinishing. We are a traditional and contemporary hardwood flooring company in Toronto, Ontario. Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto is a Licensed Bonded and Insured Service Provider, and our services extend widely across Toronto, covering all the main surrounding cities and suburbs of the Greater Toronto Area. Such are: Brampton, Mississauga, North York, Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and others.

The quality, value, and style of the hardwood flooring service our Hardwood Floor Installers offer are unique and second to none; for our team of specialists is dedicated to producing a variety of state-of-the-art solid wood flooring designs via the best methods of installation. With exotic wood species, we do Solid Hardwood Flooring, Engineered Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring Hardwood Flooring Repair, And Hardwood Flooring Restoration in all residential and commercial properties.

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With us at Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto, we have invested more in specialist skills and experience which produce incredible solid hardwood Flooring with more choices, designs, styles, colors, and finishes.

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For areas of your house not convenient for solid wood flooring, install prefinished engineered hardwood flooring is perfect. Such areas are basements, powder rooms, kitchens, utility rooms and any concrete subfloor.

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The whole manufacturing process of the laminate is environment-friendly ( containing less formaldehyde), and the product is harmless health-wise. This makes laminate floor stay relatively new for years even after much use. Laminate consist of layers of materials thermofused together under high pressure.

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Welcome to Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto’s Vinyl flooring service; a relatively resilient flooring system that offers an unmatched combination of attractive style and durability within the hardwood flooring industry. It offers a realistic look and can withstand surface wear so well and resist growing and shrinking with temperature.


In addition to every installation, our Hardwood Floor Installers offers, Floor Repair & Restoration is also among our specialties. If your residential or commercial flooring needs any work, then know that our team specializes in repair and restoration, dents, chips, scratches or sun fading for any family rooms and living rooms, kitchens, stairways, and more.


It is uncommon to find a team of flooring experts in Toronto as skilled and dedicated as we are. Such dedication is the source of our efficiency in the flooring industry. Being experienced, licensed and insured as floor specialists is a benefit that keeps our clients worry-free since they know that they are covered in case something accidental happens. The equipment and the technical know-how our Hardwood Floor Specialists Toronto staff have accounts for our innovative flooring success in and around Toronto.


We are your team of expert hardwood flooring experts, and our services are based more on quality, durability and innovative designs rather than costs. That is why our prices for hardwood flooring installation, repair and refinish are highly competitive and therefore affordable to all around the Toronto area.
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FAQs About Hardwood Floors

Can Solid Wood Flooring Be Glued?
Solid wood flooring will contract and expand far more than an engineered flooring board. Recently, it has been demonstrated that yes, you can glue them down with success.
How Long Will It Take To Lay A Hardwood Floor?
Typically, it will take a day to fit a hardwood floor. Of course, that is dependent upon a variety of variables so this should be considered to be a ballpark figure only.
Can I Install The Hardwood Flooring Myself?
Yes, you can install your own hardwood flooring, however, if you’ve never done so before you’ll want to hire a professional for this project.
Can Engineered Flooring Be Installed Over Vinyl Or Floor Tiling?
Yes, as long as the current flooring is secure and flat and there is no moisture you can install engineered flooring over other types of flooring. However, it’s not recommended that you do this process over carpeting or wood flooring.
Will The Flooring Color Change With Time?
Typically, all flooring will change in color over the course of time. However, it will be dependent upon the type of wood and the location of the flooring. Many kinds of wood will become lighter in color due to their exposure to sunlight and other elements.
Can Older Hardwood Flooring Be Repaired?
Yes, we’re able to repair older hardwood flooring.
Is It Normal For Flooring To Have Cracks?
Wood is an all natural product and easily reacts to changes in the environment. Typically, cracks or separations are caused due to dryness, Mother Nature, and so on. Moisture loss is a common reason for pieces separating and shrinking. Cracks are often seasonal and will appear during dryer months and receed when it’s more humid. This is perfectly normal with wood flooring.
How Can I Stop A Wood Floor From Gapping?
Gapping cannot be entirely stopped. The wood will expand and contract with the weather, temperature, humidity and such. A humidifier may help to reduce this from happening. You may also note that specific species are more prone to gapping than others. Engineered flooring is far more stable and will not have any issues with gapping.
What Are The Differences Between Engineered Wood Flooring, And Solid Types Of Wood Flooring?
Each specific type of flooring has its own uses and designs. There are different lifestyles and needs when it comes to choosing your best flooring. Solid woods should always be in an environment that is moisture or humidity controlled. Planks or wood strips are often nailed down and require timber subflooring. Narrower planks can also be glued down. Engineered flooring, on the other hand, is made up of multiplied cross stacked backing and requires a specific installation process. Solid wood is far less compatible to moisture so engineered flooring may work better for high humidity areas.
Should I Place Anything Underneath Of Furniture Legs?
There are special felt pads that are designed for use underneath furniture on wood flooring. These felt pads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some types of pads are sticky and will stick to the legs of furniture, others will have to be secured to the flooring to ensure that the furniture remains on them and doesn’t move around. Never use a hammer directly on the felt pads, use something in between. Always following the installation directions to ensure a secure fit. Check the pads periodically to ensure that dirt, debris, and other small particles don’t become trapped between the pad and the flooring and thus cause scratches or damages to the wood flooring.



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